Montage de l 'instrument Pneuma (Souffle en Latin, Spiritualité en Grec...)

Guy Collin, l’enchanteur des vents

What a magic moment!

In fact I had the pleasure to twiste a lowE key of my 1954 Selmer Centered Tone…

No, I’m not joking! Let me give you a short explain…I had to call a luthier for help, because I couldn’t play anymore and I went go Guy Collin’s shop. And he made the job, and many more, talking about music, life philosophy, listening cool radio program…He made me try 3 hold instruments, including a very rare german clarinet with different fingering…

But let’s discover « Merlin The Wizard » Guy Collin in this video.

I love this guy !!!


Clarinette soprano Concert Live Pneuma (Souffle en Latin, Spiritualité en Grec...)

Didekies’s new poster


Non classé

Tony Scott Blues for Charlie Parker

For the love of blues 
and smooth clarinet playing...
Thank you Tony Scott!


Pneuma (Souffle en Latin, Spiritualité en Grec...)

Chaka Khan – Ain’t Nobody (Cover by The Duo Gitarinet)

Listen to that brilliant 
"Gitarinet Duo" guys my friends ! 
They Play cool covers 
in a very funny and musically way. 
Smiles in their heart...

Awsome and positive music. 

After long hours of listening, 
I'm decided to play this tune 
for my next concert 
with Aurélien Robert. 
For sure.
Nice week end for all!
Pneuma (Souffle en Latin, Spiritualité en Grec...)

Tony Scott-Music for Zen-Clarinet

Clarinette soprano

F. Chopin Nocturne Op.9

Enjoy ! Chopin played with clarinet and piano…Beautiful !!!

Clarinette soprano

Tosca clarinet solo

Hello les amis,

Je vous souhaite une excellente semaine !

Looking forward for new adventures this week…