Perle Solves

Sometimes, it only takes one step to live the best experiences …

I am delighted, honoured and blessed to make a post about Perle Solves and the launch of her first EP « Just a matter of time » !

I personally loved listening to each of her 5 songs : Just a matter of time, Where’ve all the butterflies gone ?, The lost Leaf, Wake up Call, and Towards Life.

« Just a matter of time » is available on all streaming platforms. Disponible sur toutes les plateformes de streaming :

Perle, a french author, composer and performer, surrounded herself for the occasion with a superb team: Julie Saury on drums (I name her first because we are on and she is the daughter of the great clarinetist of jazz Maxime Saury…), Benoît Dunoyer de Segonzac on the bass, Leo Kelly-Gee on the guitar.

And also : Alban Sautour, who took care recording, mixing, playing sometimes the piano…, Didier Ferry for the pictures. EP registered at Studio SEXTAN – La fonderie.

In the words of Perle : « Sometimes, it only takes one step to live the best experiences … » so I suggest you a first towards listening to her EP, then in a second part, take a look at her EPK, and a third towards bonus videos to discover his whole universe.

You will discover Costa Rica through the prism of musicians with magnificent images and interviews of French expatriates, another video of the Parisian RAP, and in the third and last part of this post, in the « musician’s plate », you will find out how to learn how to make one of Perle’s favorite dishes : Les Beignets au Brocciu and Beignets aux fleurs de Courgette (courgette flower donuts )!!!

Happy smart-sunday everyone!

Patrick Rozier

Firstly listen to this !!!!!!!

Just a matter of time – Perle Soves

Official BIO :

The least you could say is that Perle was born in an artistic world. Her entire family being artists, she says herself that she was carried backstage from theater to
theater since she was a baby. Therefore, she was immersed in this world from a very young age, listening to all sort of different music styles, and seeing all types of shows : from Mozart, to Michael Jackson, but also Sting, Jamie Cullum, Newton Faulkner….
She seemed to have a predilection for music that she started studying when she was 6, and very quickly wanted to sing. « I think I’ve sung all my life, and I cannot see it without music that is with me all the time. Singing is such a part of me, it’s a bit like breathing, I don’t even realize sometimes! »
It therefore felt completely natural for her to start learning vocal technique at a young age when she was 13. Loving multidisciplinarity, and being curious by nature, she very quickly started to have an interest for musical theatre and started to train in several places, then gaining experience in the performing industry between Paris, London, New York, and other places… and kept writing on the side. She even says that she’s always loved writing from a very young age. So this time, with a first EP and having this project in the back of her mind for a long time, Perle wanted to tell her own stories.
Perle has a musical world of her own marked by a very strong vocal presence.
This first EP is a well-designed mix between folk, pop and rock.

Bonus: The EPK Electronic press kit :

EPK Perle Solves – EP « Just a matter of time »

Version française :


Bonus 2 TOP ! :

« A project that links travel and music, a bit like an « I will go sing at your place ». The goal is to travel, meet the locals, and make music with them. Here is one of the videos »

« Un projet qui lie le voyage et la musique, un peu comme un « j’irai chanter chez vous ». Le but est de voyager, rencontrer les locaux, et faire de la musique avec eux. Voici une des videos » :

Bonus 3 : Parisian RAP :

"And regarding what she does next, you can find a lot on her Youtube channel where she puts different creations and other projects. There is a bit of everything ...
Like this rap, which she created as part of a competition:" 

Bonus 4 : extract from her The One Day/ One song Challenge :

"She challenged herself to create one song a day for a month. It was a process of improvisation and letting go, here is one of them" :

Bonus 5 : « When you Believe »

Numerous covers / covers as well, including one of the most recent (in collaboration with Sophie Faguin, and Mathias Minquet on guitar):

De nombreuses reprises/cover aussi, dont l’une des plus récentes (en collaboration avec Sophie Faguin, et Mathias Minquet à la guitare) : 

In summary, some links to find Perle // En résumé, quelques liens pour retrouver Perle : 

Site officiel:

Chaine Youtube:




Ready to eat my sunday !

The musician plate / L’assiette du musicien

If you want to make pleasure to Perle, here are 2 recipes that she loves !

1 / Beignets au Brocciu …(par Alexandra Rogani ):

Alexandra Rogani

2/ …or Fleurs de Courgettes

Photo Didier Ferry

Thank you Perle and congratulation for your EP, I hope to see you soon on stage with your magic group !